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News > ESF Chairman's Awards > Rapid fire questions with Armaan Dayal (KGV, Class of 2021)

Rapid fire questions with Armaan Dayal (KGV, Class of 2021)

Armaan has been awarded the Chairman's Award for Excellence for a perfect score of 45 in the IBDP examinations. He is now studying Engineering at HKUST.

The ESF Chairman’s Awards is a celebration of the world-class performance of our graduates. The awards recognize excellence in academics and outstanding achievement in Leadership, Commitment and Contribution to Service, Embodying the Spirit and Values of the School, Sport and Creativity. 

Today’s #ESFRapidFireQuestions feature Armaan Dayal of King George V School, who has been awarded the Chairman’s Award for Excellence for attaining a perfect score of 45 points in the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma examinations. He is now studying Engineering with an extended major in Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

Why did you choose to study Engineering, and why particularly AI?
To me, Engineering has always been the art of the inquisitive, of the curious and visionary; I love how the sciences and their real-life applications coalesce within the field and provide opportunities to tinker, build, and solve problems. Engineering offered me the latitude not only to discover how the world around me works but also to apply my learning to design, create, and innovate in novel and meaningful ways. I was eager to get my hands dirty and break things down while gaining an appreciation for the workings and intricacies of the many engineering accomplishments of the past. My fascination with breakthrough technologies also compelled me to explore and delve more into the cutting-edge field of artificial intelligence, and I was captivated by the complexities and vast opportunities for exploration within the area. Pursuing AI alongside engineering allowed me to enrich my studies both by providing opportunities for growth and development in the future, as well as enabling a more multifaceted and holistic academic experience at university. I’m excited to keep discovering, making mistakes, and learning, and can’t wait to see what’s next in the world of engineering.


What do you think the world will look like in 20 years?
I’m hoping to see the world not only more technologically and scientifically advanced, but also more socially and culturally evolved with greater strides towards equity and equality. With growing interest in STEM fields from young learners in all corners of the world, a significant upswing in ubiquitous computing, and continued releases of mind-blowing tech in recent years, I’m excited about and looking forward to the amount of innovation and development that we will see in the decades to come, particularly with advancements in medicine, transportation, energy, communication, artificial intelligence, and other revolutionary technologies. I’m also eager to see a greater sense of interconnectedness and interdependence between international communities and experience a richer global culture in which we enjoy more holistic representation in film and media, focus on the empowerment of social mobility to facilitate economic prosperity in less developed regions, and promote multinational acceptance and peace.

That said, we will still be faced with significant obstacles in terms of climate change and finding ways of living more sustainably and renewably; yet I am optimistic that novel leaps in science and technology, as well as shifts in the social paradigm towards environmentally friendly living, may soon help us overcome these challenges.


How did your ESF education set you up for success?
I feel incredibly lucky to have had the privilege of attaining an ESF education, from primary at KJS through to secondary at KGV. The most meaningful aspect of my journey was that my peers and I were offered the opportunity to discover our own pathways to learning; rather than being prescribed information in a conventional manner, we were equipped with the tools to explore, try out various theories, and test different methods before arriving at conclusions by ourselves. This approach made learning more enjoyable through regular stimulation and challenge and enabled us to become more critical, analytical thinkers that constantly question the world around us. Our education was rigorous, holistic, and comprehensive, and we were provided with all the support, expertise, and facilities necessary to set us up for success, both academically and otherwise. We were similarly incredibly fortunate to enjoy a safe and diverse environment teeming with a host of different people from all sorts of backgrounds, nationalities, and cultures, and this was vital not only in aiding me to broaden my world view, but also become a more global learner and a more perceptive, knowledgeable citizen of the world.


What advice would you give to other ESF students who look up to someone like you?
Don’t! My biggest piece of advice would simply be to play to your strengths and try your best at whatever you do. Rather than trying to imitate someone else, focus on and supercharge what makes you, you! Pursuing your genuine interests will never feel like ‘work’, and the sense of accomplishment after having completed something you truly enjoy is always exhilarating. So when you encounter a task that you’re not particularly looking forward to, try to incorporate some elements of fun intermittently through the process; provide yourself with breaks and treats after each stage, regularly hang out with friends, and engage yourself in things you enjoy outside of academics. Effective time management is key, however, so set clear, achievable goals for every day and tick them off as you go for maximum satisfaction! Simultaneously, try out various study methods to find the ones that work best for you, and seek the help of your teachers whenever you need to make sure you are on the right track. And remember — when it comes to subject choices and career selection, make sure to pursue something that truly interests and invigorates you! Have fun and be yourself!

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